The R-70 is a European modular scaffolding made of rigid tubular elements assembled together by longitudinal platforms and supporting rails, resulting into a perfectly rigid structure.

Specially designed for working on the facades of both new buildings and restoration projects.

There is a wide range of components available which allow distribution by work levels and passing through from one end to the other.

One of its biggest conceptual advantages is the fact that the system cannot be installed without the appropriate safety rails.

This is a very light, fast-mounting and easy to adapt system.

The finished surface of its elements is treated by hot galvanization and has a minimum thickness of 60 microns.

Production Certificate according to the European Standards HD 1000 (UNE EN 76 502 90).

Its features allow the system to be adapted to multiple geometric shapes and perimeter layouts, by means of walkway modules, debris fall protections, consoles, etc.