We are proud to have helped renovating a monument like the Triumph Arch in Bucharest. The Romanian capital, also called the “Small Paris”, was surrounded by an aura of mystery regarding its establishment, as nobody knows exactly when the first settlement was created on this territory; people say this might be related to the palace of Vlad Tepes, Curtea Veche, build in 1459. The main attractions of the city are the historical sites and its architecture. The Triumph Arch was inaugurated in 1936 and it is one of the most important monuments in Romania, with a height of 27 meters and a base of 25 x 11.5 meters. King Ferdinand I ordered it to be built similarly to the appearance and style of the arch in Paris, in order to commemorate the victory of its army in the First World War and the Union of Transilvania.

Eurofoster  supplied and built up the scaffolding for allowing access to the faces of the Triumph Arch, including the exterior and interior walls, which enclose the arch in itself. The project for renovating the Triumph Arch includes micropile foundations, meaning that the scaffolding system had to be installed at a distance of 2.5 -3.0 meters from the walls of the Arch.

Although this project was initially considered a challenge, the engineers of RESA Group surprised us once again with their experience, and all the qualified installers of the ex Euroresa had to do was to follow the project “by the book”.

The solution was not easy to find and this was only possible due to the unique RESABLOCK system and to the experience of RESA Group.