Ocean Endeavor is an oil platform that is part of Diamond Offshore, with maximum sizes of 107 m in length, 108 m in width, and 39 m in height. Coming from the Egyptian Coast, it will be installed in the Black Sea, and for this purpose it was moved to Agigea port, in Romania, where maintenance and reassembly works necessary for having it operate at the extremely low winter temperatures in that area, are in progress.

Eurofoster, the Romanian Company of Resa Group, was contracted by Harris Pye Engineering, the company dealing with the maintenance of Endeavor Ocean. For this project, Eurofoster has provided assembly and reassembly services for the Resablock suspended scaffolding system, supplying more than 150 tons of material for this activity.

Given the nature of this work, Resa has suspended most of the scaffolding of the platform structure (approximately two thirds of the total structure), including four 14 m high ladders, and it has installed a suspended platform of 500 sqm under the main deck.

Moreover, a 25 m high ladder intended for getting to the platform deck, placed on a submersible pontoon.

This project was resumed in 2016, as steps have been taken and materials have been already supplied to Agigea at the beginning of February.