Today, we will tell you about one of our projects. The remodeling, extension and installation of new desulphurizing units for the Thermal Station 2 of Craiova City, in Muntenia region. Craiova is an industrial city with 300,000 inhabitant, in the Southern part of Romania. This remodeling contract was concluded in June 2015, and it will be carried out until April 2016.

Our customer, Energomontaj SAEM, has collaborated with the Romanian companies of Resa Group  since 2008. This means that the agreement concluded by our companies made us be present in many of the thermal stations in Southern Romania,  Turceni and Rovinari, among others.

SAEM Energomontaj considers having a long-term collaboration with the beneficiaries of these contracts in the area, as part of a framework collaboration agreement with ALSTOM, the French giant. Our group will make every effort so that these agreements grant us continuity and stability in the area.

In order to carry out this contract, our Company has a team of 5 to 12 on-site installers, depending on the customer’s needs, as well as over 170 tons of material. In February, work will be carried at a height of 90 m; therefore, our workers will have to face the roughness of winter in Romania.