We are very happy to participate in one of the most important projects ever made in Romania, the future Bucharest Cathedral. With this new work place, Euro-Foster participates for the first time in high culture projects. The Cathedral for the Salvation of Romanian People, as it will be called, will be the biggest religious construction in the history of Romania and one of the biggest in the entire world; its main dome is 120 meter high and will be visible from any point of the city.

The idea of building a big cathedral had already been proposed short after the end of the First World War by architect Petre Antonescu, who drew up an initial design that was supported by patriarch Miron Cristea. As the communism arrived in 1947, the project was stopped in the ITS parts and was not restarted until 1989, short after the fall of the communist regime, with a proposal for building a big temple in the Union Square, one of the main communication point in Bucharest.

Our customer, Conarg AG, is one of the most profitable construction companies in Romania and has participated in the building of the most important shopping centers in our country, as well as in making the installations of IKEA and of the Renault-Dacia building, among others.

Although the scaffolding volume is still low, it’s interesting to see that, as the projects goes forward, the amount of scaffolding progressively increases, and the best news is that in the future, there will be a very long execution schedule for this building.