AFI Palace Ploiesti is a shopping center in Ploiesti, Romania. It is located in the West part of the city. This mall includes 300 stores, over 1000 parking places and of the most complex cinemas in Ploiesti.

When building the dome over the food court area 4,500 sqm of glass have been used, making it one of the most impressive glass domes in Europe in terms of size. It was installed with no central supporting poles, at a height of 26 meters, i.e. the height of a 9 floor building. 7 million work hours, over 1500 workers, 7000 sqm of glass covering the main walkways of the mall, 36,000 tons of steel, 400,000 concrete blocks were necessary for building this shopping center. It was completed in one and a half year and it is one of the most expensive malls ever built in Romania, with an investment of over 150 million Euros.

Eurofoster supplied over 100 tons of scaffolding which helped creating the roller-coaster structure and installing the glass dome.