MC-3615 rack mast climbers are made of a mobile work platform that can move up and down on one or two masts.

The platform is moved by a set of electric engines driving a group of gears which, in their turn, move along the rack.

The vertical movement is based on the mechanical operation of the platform, thus eliminating the traditional ladder system.

ASCLIMBER products incorporate the most advanced safety technology.

All ASCLIMBER products hold a Production Certificate with the adequate CE marking, according to the requirements of the 98/31/EC European Directive.

Characteristics of the MC-3615 model

Maximum height 120 m
Platform width 1.30 m
Console length 1.00 m
Distance between anchorages 6m / 9m
Vertical section: Length/Weight 1.50 m / 41 kg
Platforms: Length/Weight 1.50 m / 103 kg
1.00 m / 70 kg
Weight of the Engine unit 762 kg
Movement speed 6 m / min
Electric supply 50/60 Hz 230/400 V
Two masts One mast
Maximum length 30.10 m 9.80 m
Maximum weight 3.600 kg 1.500 kg
Engine power 2.2 Kw x 4 pieces 2.2 Kw x 2 pieces